About us


Skyviin Engineering Sdn. Bhd(1026779-D) is a market leader in CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM. The director has more than 10 years of experience in this CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM industry. He was trained by STREAM ENVIROMENT SDN BHD previously know as NEXALDEX SDN BHD who was the pioneer in the CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM industry. NEXALDEX SDN BHD who has now given the authorisation for SKYVIIN ENGINEERING SDN BHD to handle all the existing customers for the CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM. SKYVIIN ENGINEERING SDN BHD is also experienced in handling new projects as per the NEXALDEX SDN BHD standards (STREAM CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS.)

With the founders credentials in this centralize vacuum industry we are definitely prepared and equipped with all the knowledge and experience needed to support and solve any demands laid forth by our customers.


We would like to touch on the underlying reasons that influence our company’s direction. Malaysia is a very young nation and we are on our way to become a more developed and industrial nation. Due to this reason all environmental friendly products are given due attention and priority now compared to few years back. Our aim is to introduce a centralize vacuum system in every home since this will keep their home more dust free, environmentally clean and also the occupants more healthy free of dust hazards. We also want to be the market leader in this industry within the next five years.